Update: Golden-Voiced Homeless Man Ted Williams Detained By Police

It's been quite a week for Ted Williams. He's been interviewed on NBC and CBS, gotten voiceover gigs from MSNBC, Kraft and the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the latest news is that he was detained by police.

It’s been quite a week for Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice who came into the limelight when a video of his panhandling voiceover skills went viral. He’s been interviewed on NBC and CBS, gotten voiceover gigs from MSNBC, Kraft and the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the latest news is that he was arrested [Update: Williams was detained by police, not arrested] following an altercation with his daughter.

That’s right. The Los Angeles Times reported that, “Williams and an unidentified family member were detained after police were called to the Renaissance Hotel on a disturbance call.” It turns out that the unidentified family member was Williams’ daughter and he was arrested when an altercation between the father and daughter escalated on Monday night. Both parties told their story in an exclusive interview on Entertainment Tonight.

According to Williams’ daughter, her father “had consumed at least a bottle of Grey Goose vodka. At least. That’s not including the Coronas he orders. That’s not including the Budweisers he orders. That’s not including the other alcohol – the wines. He drinks. Heavily.”

Williams denies his daughter’s claims that he is not sober. However, he does admit that he got in an argument with his daughter and tried to bring it to a close by saying, “Shut the Hell up and let me talk to your mother.” His daughter erupted when he said that and started attacking him, scratching his face.

It’s really unfortunate that Wiliams’ amazing story turned ugly within the first week, though I have to admit that I was worried something like this might happen. I can only imagine what kind of stress he must be under. Although the whole thing is exciting, try to put yourself in the place of an ex-junkie who has been living on the street, just trying to make a dollar and all of the sudden you are the center of attention with paparazzi coming at you from every direction, not to mention the pressure he’s got on him not to disappoint his 90-year old mother. It’s got to be one of the most stressful and frightening experiences ever.

Williams pointed out on Entertainment Tonight that, “people in recovery are fragile.” He’s been through a lot, but how will this affect his deals with MSNBC and Kraft and his future? What’s your take on the whole Ted Williams phenomenon?

UPDATE (1-13-11): Golden-voiced Ted Williams was not officially arrested. According to CBS News, the father and daughter “were brought in, calmed down, talked to and released” following an altercation at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel & Spa. Williams was in town for an appearance on the Dr. Phil show. His daughter’s claims that he has resumed drinking have not been substantiated.