TED Teaming with HuffPo for ‘TED Weekends’ Section

Our friends at TED have a fresh partnership up their sleeves: TED Weekends, an idea-infused section that launches later today on The Huffington Post. Check in every Friday for original content–and graphics!–that probe a compelling “idea worth spreading.” Anchored in a TED talk, the new section will feature contributions from TED speakers, bloggers, experts, and illustrators throughout the course of a weekend. Among the topics slated for exploration: “Understanding Deception,” “Why People Believe Crazy Things,” and “Behind the Eureka Moment”–these also sound like categories in a crazy, French Revolution-themed round of Jeopardy!? (What is “The Death of Marat”?). TED Weekends debuts with an idea introduced by Brian Goldman, who suggests that talking openly about medical mistakes may be the first step toward healing a broken healthcare system.

UPDATE: The TED Weekends site is now live here.