TED: "If Advertising Is So Great, Why The Hell Is It Largely Failing On The Web?"

TED is inspiring advertisers to go above and beyond with their video marketing campaigns with the Ads Worth Spreading Challenge. The challenge, which was announced yesterday on the TED blog, is inviting advertisers to “reinvent, inspire and engage audiences” by redefining video advertising. In his Ad Week address, TED’s curator Chris Anderson said, “If advertising is so great, why the hell is it largely failing on the web today?” Advertisers – TED is asking you to prove Anderson wrong by submitting the best video marketing campaigns you can muster up!

Advertisers, brands and anyone else in the business community are invited to submit their inspirational, creative and amazing video ad campaigns by January 10, 2011. The ten best campaigns will be selected by a panel of judges (not yet announced) and will be premiered at TED2011 and will also appear on TED.com. That’s quite a way to start of an online video campaign, don’t you think?

Official contest rules can be found on the Ted website and hopefuls can submit their campaigns here. Your submission must include a video that is promotional in nature. However, keep in mind that you can not only promote a company, brand or product, but you can also promote a cause or idea opening up the playing field to a lot more potential creators. Old campaigns cannot be submitted, so you’ll have to come up with something new if you wanna get involved Old Spice and Isaiah Mustafa!

I’m really excited to see the amazing campaigns that are likely to spring from TED’s challenge. TED is dedicated to inspiration and innovation, and hopefully we’ll see their challenge bring out some creativity and newfound originality in the video marketing arena. Do you think you’ll accept TED’s challenge?