Ted Cruz’s Nomination Bid Begins With Web Domain Hijacking From the Left

Adversaries leverage TedCruzForAmerica.com and TedCruz.com

The political story of the day comes with a guerrilla marketing sidebar.

As Ted Cruz, the U.S. Republican senator from Texas, formally announced today he's running for president in 2016, online viewers who searched for his campaign's official website may have instead stumbled upon a pair of destinations that promote ideas that are quite opposite of the aspiring White House candidate's.

TedCruz.com visitors are seeing the following message in large, white copy against a static, black background: "Support President Obama. Immigration Reform Now!"

And TedCruzForAmerica.com viewers are automatically redirected to HealthCare.gov, the website where citizens can learn more about buying insurance thanks to 2010's Affordable Care Act.

Cruz has opposed the Obama administration's immigration reform proposals and has called for a repeal of the national healthcare initiative.

So his adversaries have hijacked a bit of Web traffic that was driven by his announcement and probably enjoyed a private chuckle about the efforts. Cruz does indeed have an official site, TedCruz.org, which is seemingly operating the way his marketing team intended.

This certainly isn't the first time digital hijacking has been orchestrated from the political left or right. But it's interesting to see a ploy so early and immediate in the 2016 race, suggesting guerrilla marketers from both sides of the political spectrum will be leaning in harder than ever with online antics.

Meanwhile, here is his tweet from last night revealing his presidential bid.