Ted Cruz Demands Chief Spokesperson Resign Because Research


Yesterday in PR news, America learned Ted Cruz kicked Rick Tyler, his chief spokesperson, out of his campaign headquarters because fake propaganda videos are not how he wants to win the White House (well, maybe).

In fact, MSNBC host Kate Snow claimed that Rick Tyler was in studio for an interview to stump for his boss when he learned he was let go.

“He actually abruptly left just before we were about to go live to him and now we know why,” she said on air.

Dude is in make-up, got a phone call… and left. It was that abrupt.

What happened?

Rick Tyler posted on his Facebook page a false news story that showed Marco Rubio making a disparaging remark about the Bible.

“Yesterday, a staffer from our campaign sent out a tweet that tweeted a news story that purported to indicate Marco saying something negative about the Bible,” Cruz said. “The news story was false. That staffer deleted the tweet, apologized and pulled it down … I’ve spent this morning investigating what happened, and this morning, I asked for Rick Tyler’s resignation.”

Good thing Cruz forgot Tyler’s name already. Life in politics, huh? Here’s the video that Tyler was pushing as “gospel truth,” so to speak:

Tyler ran with this saying that Rubio, an avowed Christian, was trashing a Cruz staffer reading the Bible. Unfortunately, even the two other gentlemen in the video, which included Cruz’s dad, denied that was Rubio’s intent. The subtitles were wrong (which explains the dubover on the video) and Tyler didn’t do his homework.

Insert talking points and expected public apology in 3… 2… 1…

rick tyler apology

In reality, what Rubio said was, “Got a good book there. All the answers are in there.” Well, except one — “How do I not lose my job in a presidential campaign season?”