TED Ads Worth Spreading: If You Only Watch 10 Ads This Year Make It These

TED has announced the winners of their Ads Worth Spreading contest and these ads are definitely "worth spreading".

Last September TED curator Chris Anderson asked, “If advertising is so great, why the hell is it largely failing on the web?” He appealed to the advertising world to “reinvent, inspire and engage audiences” by redefining video advertising and invited advertisers to submit the best online video ad campaigns they could muster up to the TED Ads Worth Spreading contest. The ten winners, and runners up, of the Ads Worth Spreading contest have finally been announced, and you can check them all out below.
Before we get to the winners, lets take a look at what makes an “ad worth spreading”. Chris Anderson explained what makes an ad worth spreading in an amazing TED Talk of his own:

“What is an ad worth spreading? It’s a film, made by a corporation, where the community that it’s targeted at actually wants to watch it. In fact, they want to watch it so much that they’ll tell other people in the community about it. It might be something that’s hysterically funny; It might be something that’s gorgeously beautiful; It might just be ingeniously clever; It might be a big multi-media production or just a single employee talking to the camera, sharing her values and her dreams.”

So which corporations won? And did they fit into Chris Anderson’s definition of ads worth spreading? Check them out below, read about why they were chosen and judge for yourself. Unsurprisingly, you’ve probably already seen a lot of these advertisements, which sort of goes to show you that yes, they definitely are worth spreading.

Chrysler, “Born Of Fire”

This ad was one of the most popular Super Bowl ads this year, online and off. It has over 9 million views on YouTube. The TED Ads Worth Spreading judging panel “loved the powerful, authentic tone of this love letter to the city of Detroit.” I think Eminem may have helped make this ad “worth spreading” as well.

Topsy Foundation, “Selina”

This is definitely one of the most powerful ads I saw online in 2010. I shared it in a post on activism through online video and it has really stuck with me. TED’s judges say, “We’re all familiar with the specter of AIDS: in months, the victim can waste away before our very eyes. Yet few are aware of the effectiveness of anti-retroviral medicine. This ad makes that potential vividly, visually clear– demonstrating a real hope to those who suffer from AIDS.”

Intel, “The Chase”

This ad is just ingenious. It takes us through an awesome action film chase scene on a computer scene, with the actors running through everything from Facebook to media players, chat clients and more. Gotta love it.

Batelco, “Infinity”

Have you ever seen something that was so creative, amazing and epic that it made you want to cry? That’s how this made me feel. And when I say cry, I mean tears of joy of course. TED’s judges said, “We loved this ad’s smart use of social media to engage tens of thousands in a journey through the random interconnectivity of modern life. The film was originally delivered through a Facebook app that incorporated users’ webcams, and displayed their pictures on TV screens throughout the Persian Gulf.”

Nokia, “The World’s Smallest Stop-motion Character Animation”

I am obsessed with stop motion animation and this is one of my all-time favorite stop motion animations. TED’s judged liked “how this ad brings showcase and entertainment together.” It illustrates the imaging capabilities of a new Nokia smartphone and entertains and wows viewers at the same time.

Nike Foundation, “Girl Effect: The Clock Is Ticking”

TED’s judges chose this video because they said it, “uses animation brilliantly to make clear the benefits of investing in a single worthy cause.” It really is a great way to spread word about a cause that could potentially have taken a much darker route.