TED’s Chris Anderson On Web Video & Innovation [Video]

Have you ever stopped to think about how YouTube and web video are driving innovation around the globe? Chris Anderson of TED gave a compelling talk earlier this month on the rise of web video and how it is driving innovation in basically every arena, from dance to science to our understanding of different cultures and more. Anderson’s 20-minute talk is definitely a must-see for anyone interested not only in web video, but also in how the internet and social media is affecting us all, inspiring us to become better at what we do.

In his talk, Anderson discusses a phenomenon he calls ‘Crowd Accelerated Innovation’. In a simple example, one person uploads an awesome dance video, which inspires another dancer to build on it and create something even better, which in turn inspires other dancers to create and upload amazing content. On deeper levels, YouTube and web video are allowing advances in science, as scientists are able to collaborate and share videos of experiments, rather than lengthy, complicated text documents; hobbyists are able to meet and collaborate with people who share their interests and work on innovative new projects together; and content creators are able to take advantage of audiences the size of football fields who may then be inspired to create their own innovative projects and videos.

As someone who is totally immersed in the world of web video, I had never put much thought into the idea that web video has led to so much innovation and inspiration all around the globe. Now that I have been introduced to this idea, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for online video as it inspires more and more people around the globe to create and innovate. Check out Anderson’s TED talk below and let us know what you think in the comments!