Techmeme = Facebook Post Agregator

The site Techmeme posts the top articles being linked from technology sites around the blogosphere. Recently, Facebook has been a frequent topic of discussion. Right now their are tons of Facebook articles posted on Techmeme. Facebook is not just popular today. Techmeme has continuously had Facebook articles for the past 5 months. Why? It’s all because of the platform.

Jason Calacanis believes Facebook is not worth $100 billion, I have to agree. The potential future value of Facebook may just be $100 billion though. There’s no way they could sell for that today. If it did, we would be in a bubble. GigaOm has it right when he calls Facebook Silicon Valley’s Furby. People in the Valley and the Alley can’t get enough of Facebook.

Even Kara Swisher who has openly dismissed Facebook as being hype, can’t get enough of it. She probably covers Facebook multiple times each week. I thought her blog was supposed to cover “all things digital.” She’s not the only one! Mashable, VentureBeat, Techcrunch and ReadWriteWeb all have been trying to prevent themselves from over covering Facebook. It’s pretty hard not to cover the site when everyone is addicted to it though. Not only is my twitter integrated but practically everything else is as well and I can tag any of my friends directly into a conversational thread and then BAM they hop on Facebook.

So even with a user interface that is limited to blue and white, those in the technology industry can’t get enough of it. If you look up anybody you meet at a tech conference nowadays, there is a greater likelihood that they will be on Facebook than not. This is a revolution on the web and all we can do is sit back and watch it take place. Whether or not Myspace launches a new platform, there’s no way that the techies are going to convert back to the spam swamplands of Myspace.

Why does Facebook work so well? For those of us that have always been internet evangelists, we have always strived to try to try and perform as much communication as possible on the web. While we still have real world relationships, our virtual ones have not been the same. We have tried to create new systems that help mimic our real lives and the closest that we’ve come so far is ….. Facebook! Facebook allows me to perform most of the communication I need to in close to real time from when my friend laughed at a picture or my favorite blogger wrote a masterful thesis.

The bottom line is that all of these tools are evolving so we can constantly monitor each other and communicate as if we were right there with the person as they go through their life. It makes us feel more connected and strangely enough, it often makes them feel more connected as well. Some people vary their level of connectedness via the web but the people that are writing on Techmeme, the majority of their communication is now completed digitally. In hours spent talking versus hours spent online, I would bet that the past 2-3 years have been primarily spent communicating online for those on Techmeme.

Facebook helps us to communicate most effectively in this digital world. Simply put. There is currently no better solution. Will something better come along? Maybe but it’s months away not days away. As peoples’ lives migrate online, they are going to need to find the best solution for keeping in touch with all their contacts. Right now, Facebook is that solution.

The only challenge now is for those blogging about their digital lives to try and separate blogging and Facebook. I know it’s hard, but I think it’s possible. Lucky for me … it’s all I need to blog about for the time being. For the rest of you: good luck!