TechCrunch’s Arrington Wants Full Disclosure

Michael Arrington, creator of TechCrunch, wants journalists to tell the truth. Not about the stories they write, but about the opinions journalists’ hold, according to his latest rant.

Off the heels of CNN’s decision to let an editor leave after publishing a tweet in honor of a Hezbollah leader that passed away, Arrington has written a post on his blog wondering why it was so bad that the editor showed some opinion in some way.
“I think journalists should have the right to express their opinions on the topics they cover. More importantly, I think readers have a right to know what those opinions are.”
He goes on to tell a story of a long-time political journalist that wouldn’t discuss whether or not he liked Bush because in the journalist’s opinion “it was important for him to keep that a secret so that it would not be seen as a bias in his coverage,” according to Arrington.
What do you think; should your job include telling the world what your opinions really are?
In full disclosure, I like TechCrunch, could do without objectivity in most cases, but really, really dislike soapboxes (The smell is just overwhelming).
Photo by: rick