TechCrunch’s Arrington: Don’t Ask Me To Do Dinner

Inc. magazine gave TechCrunch editor Michael Arrington a chance to sound off on his work style in their “The Way I Work Feature.” For those in tech PR, it’s no surprise that Mr. Arrington’s site has quickly moved to the top of the tech press pecking order. The good thing for PR pros is that Arrington says he’s open to meeting your CEO…just not for dinner:

I don’t like PR people for the most part. I like going to CEOs directly. If a PR person suggests I meet the CEO of this new company, I always say yes. But if they say, “Can we set up drinks? Or dinner?” I say no. I hate that—it is a huge waste of time. Let’s meet over coffee or get on Skype video and talk about your company, but I don’t want to chitchat about your family, because I don’t know you. If I have time to go to dinner, I want to do that with my college friends or my parents or whomever I’m dating.

Arrington works long hours, so chances are he’ll see your email or announcement no matter what time you send it. Oh, and if you’re looking to bond over shared musical tastes, Arrington says he likes music that is “not happy music—Metallica, Eminem, Rage Against the Machine.”

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