TechCrunch Says HTC “Facebook” Phone Being Dropped. AT&T Says…

The Android-powered HTC Status with a BlackBerry-like physical QWERTY keyboard and dedicated Facebook button seemed like a good design and phone choice for frequent Facebook users who, presumably, want to type in a lot of status updates. It made its debut just two months ago.

HTC Status: Android Phone With a Dedicated Facebook Button

TechCrunch, however, says my opinion is a minority one and that the phone is short-lived failure like Microsoft’s Kin and HP’s Palm TouchPad.

Failbook Phone: AT&T Already Looking To Ditch The HTC Status, Says Source

TechCrunch’s unnamed source said that the HTC Status is selling poorly and will be pulled from AT&T’s lineup. However, in an update to the post, TechCrunch noted that AT&T said that plans for it [the HTC Status] to be part of our portfolio haven’t changed.