60% Of People Find Tech Stressful (But Social Media Annoys Less Than 1 In 10) [STUDY]

Technology was, of course, supposed to make our lives easier. And it has, in many ways – certainly nobody wants to go back to a time before washing machines, ovens, refrigerators and air conditioning.

But what about modern tech? Well, according to a new study, six out of ten people believe find technology stressful, and just 15.7 percent say that they aren’t stressed by technology at all.

The worst offender was wi-fi (likely when hearing others pronounce it ‘wiffy’), which 12.4 percent of respondents said raised their blood pressure, ahead of the cloud (11.4 percent), and home networking/syncing (10 percent).

Social networking fared pretty well, with just 6.7 percent saying it impacted their stress levels. Amazingly, however, this placed it behind printers in the poll, which was black-marked by just 6.2 percent. Given how often something as simple as printing a document can become a major, rage-inducing issue in one’s life, I’m flabbergasted that this number was so low. I mean, Twitter and Facebook aren’t exactly a major cause of headaches. But faulty printers? There shall be blood.

Overall, people were most niggled about how technology is always changing, and almost a third of respondents (31.9 percent) said that the most infuriating thing about technology companies was unhelpful customer service.

(Source: Virgin Digital Help. Stress image via Shutterstock.)