Tech-Savvy Girl Scouts Break Cookie Sales Records

In case you thought the social media revolution was most important for giving political candidates a new way to pander and pundits a new way to argue, think again–turns out our new “everyone’s connected” world also enables the sale of even more Thin Mints, Samoas and Peanut Butter Patties than ever before!

That’s right–The Girl Scouts of America defied economic trends by breaking all sales records for their iconic cookies in 2012 thanks to a combination of technology and social media resources. In total, the Scouts earned $800 million by selling 214 million boxes–an impressive “143 boxes per small businesswoman.”

While product sales manager Amanda Hamaker credits public familiarity with the brand and its mission, we think the big total might have something to do with the ingenuity of dedicated scouts like the young lady who sold “2,000 boxes this year by reaching out to people as far away as Ireland on Facebook” or the genius who created the “Girl Scout Cookie Locator” iPhone app. The Scouts have yet to endorse direct online sales, but imagine what their numbers might be once they take that fateful step!

We’d like to celebrate the Scouts’ victory, but there is an election tomorrow. To all you undecided voters out there, we pose the ultimate question: where do the candidates stand on Girl Scout Cookies? President Obama, never one to court controversy, took a moment during a campaign event this summer to officially endorsed the ever-popular Thin Mint.

And yet, with only one day left before the election, we’ve yet to hear from his challenger. What’s your choice, Mr. Romney? Do you prefer the Shortbreads? The Lemonades? The Dulce de Leches? America needs to know!

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