Tech Roundup: Find Ambiance on Hoppit; No More Chomp?

Trying to avoid hipsters? Or looking for a bar that caters to the Mad Men crowd? Hoppit, a Manhattan-based startup that searches restaurants and bars based on ambiance (choices at left), has launched in 25 cities. Its founders describe Hoppit as a cross between Yelp and Pandora, which allows you to filter locations as they would appeal to, for example, a two-year-old, your great aunt Norma, or business colleagues. Or maybe all three; you be the judge.

Anyone holding out hope of using Chomp on their Android is out of luck. Chomp is an app discovery service that also allows you to see what interesting new apps your friends and co-workers have found. MacRumors is reporting Apple bought Chomp for $50 million and has no plans to let Androidians Chomp their way to new apps. And it won’t be compatible with the competing phones.

Photo app Instagram has banned all “thinspo” content from its site, following other banishments it had on Pinterest and Tumblr. A new policy on Instagram promises to disable the account of anyone using the service to promote self-harm, including eating disorders, cutting, or suicide.

San Francisco’s InboundWriter, a content optimization service, has launched a Topic Buzz module, which searches Twitter for articles being circulated and presents them to users. The feature helps writers gauge the interest in any particular topic at a given time, like hybrid cars or the epic meltdown of Bethenny Frankel’s marriage. The service allows eight free searches per month, but users can also buy unlimited accounts without advertising for $19.95 per month. Sign up for free at

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