Tech Round Up: Brands Missing Links on Google+, Twitter Buys Whisper

-In news that suprises probably no one on the planet, brands are not as engaged on Google+ as they are on Facebook. SEO company BrightEdge found that within the first 10 days of availability, 61 percent of the top 100 brands around the globe had a presence on Google+, but only 12 percent linked their Google+ pages to their company homepage.

Facebook’s data tells a different story. Ninety-three percent of the top 100 brands had a Facebook page and, 53 percent of those brands link to their Facebook pages from the company homepage. [via eMarketer]

This news from Twitter merits mentioning solely so I can write this guy’s name: Moxie Marlinspike, a hacker-turned-CEO, has sold his data encryption company Whisper to Twitter. Previously, Marlinspike (I got to type it twice!) worked on text message and email encryption on the Android.

Google’s YouTube launched its Analytics feature, to draw premium content creators to the site. YouTube uploaders can find out how many minutes of their videos people are watching, who is commenting most often, and other data. YouTube hopes to draw more celebrity and film videos to the site, to complement the wide array of videos of talking dogs.

Did you see the Salesforce president all over cable TV news? That is because Salesforce announced it is selling a new software, Social Marketing Cloud, that helps users develop social marketing plans based on what people are tweeting and cyberchatting. Read the official press release here.

-Wednesday marked the dawn of a new button on Foursquare, the “Save to Foursquare” button. Using this tool and a “Follow” option, users can opt to check reviews later, so you can save in the morning and then read the reviews of the new sushi place once your hunger pangs start to hit.

-As Brightcove prepares for its IPO, the company has introduced a mobile app for the cloud. It can be used across multiple devices and platforms. But you’ll need a lot o’ cash — $15,000 — for a license. [via GigaOm]

-Finally, but not to be under-played in its importance, thank you Amazon for creating a Kindle and iPad wishlist app for kids this Christmas season. The one on Toys ‘R’ Us leaves a lot to be desired, and due to login problems, inability to update it, and one Lalaloopsy doll mishap already, my kids’ wishlist is moving to Amazon.