Tech Pundits Say Palm Pre is a Loser/Best Thing Ever???

Businessweek’s William Hurley says…

Palm: Likely to Stumble with Pre

…while USA Today’s Edward Baig tells us…

Pre could pilot Palm to smartphone glory again

The really funny thing is that they both could be wrong (I’m not saying I’m right, btw). I should note that like me Businessweek’s Hurley has not tried the Palm Pre yet while USA Today’s Baig has.

Here’s a couple of thoughts:

– Palm has a big problem launching the Pre with Sprint instead of the larger AT&T Wireless or Verizon Wireless mobile carriers. Will people jump from AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile to Sprint for the Pre? Sure, a few will. But, I don’t think the numbers will huge.
– I have concerns about the webOS web-like apps. Didn’t Nokia try that with their Web Run-Time for S60 back in 2007? And, didn’t Apple essentionlly test the waters with their app-less first generation iPhone by encouraging people to write server-side iPhone web service apps? Neither effort resulted in much.
– A lot of people (including me) thought that the Android powered T-Mobile G1 would take the world by storm (no BlackBerry Storm pun intended) last year. And, while it has done ok, it is no iPhone beater so far.
– I think Palm Pre’s webOS app motif looks a lot like Apple’s old HyperCard for Mac OS. I think the Pre app concept is interesting. I thought HyperCard was amazing. But, um, HyperCard disappeared many years ago.

I really hope that the Palm Pre takes off and creates a whole new mobile app ecosphere. Competition is good for consumers and a successful Pre will push Apple (iPhone), Microsoft (Windows Mobile), RIM (BlackBerry) and Google (Android) to make their mobile platforms better.