Tech Hotbed – in Indiana?

Tired of Notre Dame, Peyton Manning, the Indy 500? Indiana will get a whole new public profile if statewide advocacy group TechPoint has its way, after launching a national campaign to market the Hoosier state as a hotbed of tech business.

Indiana’s got tech companies. Lots of them. It’s got venture capitalists. It’s where you want to be to develop a new tech business, the group says.

TechPoint is working with the state of Indiana and Gov. Mitch Daniels on the initiative to highlight the “measured marketing” work of more than 70 Indiana companies such as ExactTarget, Aprimo, Compendium, and Right On Interactive.

Measured marketing is a term that defines business in which companies use electronic means to gauge consumers’ response, or lack thereof, to marketing, and then use that insight to shape management and marketing effectiveness.

Next on TechPoint’s schedule for the campaign is an April 21 Tech Thursday with finalists for the 2011 Mira Awards, the Oscars of Indiana tech. Could this make Indiana the next stop over from Silicon Valley? Stay tuned. Follow TechPoint on Twitter at @TechPointInd.