Tech Giants Now Hiring High Schoolers as Interns

High School

Exam at 9, interview with Mark Zuckerberg at 10…

Still looking for the week’s oddest tech trend story? Look no further than Bloomberg this morning.

Seems that Mr. Zuckerberg and crew, as well as competitors at companies like LinkedIn, Google, Amazon and Airbnb, are so intent on scooping up the hottest tech talent that they’re hiring internship candidates who can’t even get into an R-rated movie, much less buy a beer afterward.

Some details:

“Facebook said it just started wooing interns before their freshman year of college, while LinkedIn Corp. (LNKD) opened its summer program to high schoolers two years ago. Startups including Airbnb Inc. have also nabbed interns as young as 16 years old.”

This isn’t really about proving how young and hip these companies are, though. It’s more about how true coding talent is so incredibly valuable that no big name can risk losing even one future “thought leader” to its rivals.

The perks for these techie teens are so comprehensive that they cover almost everything outside of regular trips to the dentist to tighten one’s braces.

Here, via Glassdoor, is the visual that might just drive you crazy: how much more do these interns make each month than you do?

Intern pay

The best part about the story: Facebook flew the main subject, along with his mom, out to California so he could snap selfies with Tim Scott and check out why the blue (man) group is such an amazing company to work for.

Another thing you may notice: despite the recent efforts of Google and Mindy Kaling, all of the future coding stars mentioned in the piece are dudes.