LA Company Records 350 Million Video Views… in December contributor Sarah Lacy shares the genesis of her latest item within that very same article. Turns out her piece today about, an LA based aggregator of video game derived entertainment, began in the corridors of Silicon Valley. She writes:

If you haven’t heard of Machinima– don’t feel bad. I hadn’t either before a week ago, when I found myself camped out in Redpoint Ventures’ office and told partner Geoff Yang I wouldn’t leave without a good story tip. Finally he whispered, “Machinima’s December numbers” and I had to ask him to pronounce Machinima a few times, and spell it before I even knew what he was saying. registered 350 million video views in December to bring the year-end close to a staggering total of 2.3 billion. The most ingenious aspect of the company, which has 90 employees, is the fact that it streams its content entirely through YouTube.

The only problem with Lacy’s story, at least from a feel-good predictive point of view, is the seemingly wink-wink headline TechCrunch tacked on: “Machinima: The Most Impressive LA Tech Company Since Myspace.” Meanwhile, the reporter is taking some heat in the comments section from readers for not having long ago heard of and thus presenting her take as new when the phenomenon of “machine + cinema” has been transpiring on the Net for years.