Tech Columnist Farhad Manjoo Jumps From WSJ to NYT

Will take over David Pogue's old column

The New York Times has found a replacement for one of the high-profile names it lost over the past year: The Wall Street Journal tech columnist Farhad Manjoo is taking over the “State of the Art” column from the Times’ former writer David Pogue, who left for Yahoo last fall.

Times business editor Dean Murphy and technology editor Suzanne Spector wrote in an internal memo, “In his new role at The Times, Farhad will push ‘State of the Art’ beyond traditional reviews to examine the tech industry more broadly and the role technology plays across the board—what he calls ‘tech's intrusion into society.’”

Manjoo joined the Journal fewer than four months ago after five years at Slate, where he was a tech columnist. While at Slate, Manjoo also occasionally wrote for the Times, contributing to the Times magazine and writing a “Home Tech” column for the newspaper.

In his LinkedIn blog, Manjoo defended his decision to leave the Journal after such a short period of time, writing that “The Pogue departure opened up an opportunity…at a paper I've always wanted to work for” but also making it clear that he was more than content working for the Journal.

“The fact that I spent like four seconds at the WSJ before departing to a rival raises all kinds of assumptions—mainly about my own character, granted, but also regarding the WSJ…I was on the fence about this, and though I’m thrilled beyond words about the NYT, I really hope those guys at the WSJ know that I bear them no ill will.” 

Manjoo, currently based near San Francisco, will continue to work from the West Coast when he starts his new job next month.