Tech Cocktail DC 2

Last night’s Tech Cocktail in D.C. was great. Over 300 people showed up for the event and it proved that D.C. does indeed have a bubbling tech scene. There were numerous demos and a number of free handouts from Ligit and AOL. All in all I would say it was a successful events. Thanks to Frank Gruber and Eric Olson for putting it together.

I’ve compiled all of the photos that showed up on Flickr from the Tech Cocktail album and from Jason Garber who posted his photos on his Flickr profile. I’m sure there are many more photos that I missed but I included close to 120 of them in the following video. Enjoy! Also, be sure to check out the Tech Cocktail conference that Frank and Eric will be putting on next month in Chicago. I’ll be speaking at it with a number of other great speakers so be sure to attend!