TEAM TUCKER: TV Week’s Interview

Highlights from TV Week’s interview with Tucker Carlson:

    The Insider: What is this man thinking?

    Tucker Carlson: I’m a reckless man

    T.I.: No, you’re shameless.

    T.C.: I couldn’t resist. It was so weird. I just thought: “Dancing
    With the Stars”? I literally could not resist.

    T.I.: Okay, but you’re in the same group as Jerry Springer. Preceding
    you last year was Giselle Fernandez. Does the company you’re keeping
    bother you at all?

    T.C.: Noooo. I work in a medium that has a lot of foolish people in
    it. I share the bandwidth with Nancy Grace. I don’t think that demeans
    me. Or maybe it does. I don’t care. I’m not insecure about that. …

    T.I.: So you’re not going to concede any moments when you thought,
    “Maaaaybe I shouldn’t do this?”

    T.C.: It’s always good to do stuff you’ve never done. “Dancing With
    the Stars” is an adventure. I don’t really think everything through,
    in terms of my career or anything like that. This is basically like
    sky-diving. I’ll do that. …

    T.I.: I’m playing parent. If your friends said they were going to jump
    off a cliff, would you jump off a cliff?

    T.C.: Yeah, I probably would. If I thought there was a chance I’d
    survive and it would be interesting, I would probably do it. I think
    you should collect as many experiences as you can.

    T.I.: At any point, did you say to yourself, “I forfeit all my rights
    to be taken seriously”?

    T.C.: Oh, no. No-o-o. I don’t think I have anything to prove. You
    know, I missed the first two weeks of rehearsal because I was in

The Los Angeles Times’ Scott Collins also takes a look at Tucker’s decision to dance.