Team From Social Q&A Site Fluther Joins Up With Twitter

The team behind Fluther, a popular social question and answer site with a over a million monthly visitors, will be joining Twitter in what will likely result in the company launching it's own similar service.

Twitter announced yesterday that it would be acquiring the team behind social Q&A startup Fluther, a website that lets users ask questions and get quick answers. The thriving community, which has grown to over a million visitors per month, will be adding Fluther’s team of five engineers to Twitter. Three year old company announced their website would continue to operate but did not reveal how the startup would fit in with Twitters future plans.

Question and answer websites have been all the rage recently. Quora, Hunch, and AnswerBag are just a few of the recent companies that have sprung up in this growing space. Demand for fast, insightful and relevant information to questions is on the rise, filling a void left open by Google. Fluther differentiates itself from competitors by polling registered Fluther users for answers that are real-time instead of opting for message board-format used by most Q&A sites. The site is designed to have a chatroom feel so visitors can follow up after submitting questions. It maintains a community feel, and features typical social network functions such as following interesting people. An iPhone app was also recently released, and in August the company began testing a “Federated Flurther” feature, allowing Fluther queries to be integrated into third party sites.

With this announcement, what’s certain is Twitter is excited at the possibility of social search. With a much larger user base and clearly a leader in instant communication, it makes sense for Twitter to lure talent to develop it’s own product around Q&A.

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