Team Chaos releases puzzle game Enigmo: Explore on iOS


Dragon Academy developer Team Chaos has announced the launch of Enigmo: Explore, a spiritual successor / reboot of Pangea Software’s Enigmo. Team Chaos worked with the team at Pangea Software to create what it’s calling a “zen-inducing, art deco puzzle adventure game,” which challenges players to solve puzzles using a variety of tools and an “endless” number of possible solutions.

Each level of Enigmo: Explore asks players to guide colored water droplets to containers of the same color somewhere on the screen. Players are given a variety of tools to complete each task, but some may not be necessary for the final solution. Team Chaos Creative Director Trent Polack tells us solutions to puzzles are only as complicated as players make them, which encourages trial and error in the placement and rotation of tools.


Each level is timed, and players earn up to three stars on each stage, depending on their speed. They’ll need to earn at least one star to keep progressing, but levels can be replayed to earn additional stars or to discover additional solutions.

At launch, Enigmo: Explore offers more than 100 levels across seven locations, with each group themed around one of the Natural Wonders of the World. The game is now available on iOS for $1.99, and does not offer in-app purchases.

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