Team Chaos releases ‘Path of the Elders’ update for Dragon Academy


Team Chaos has announced the largest update ever for its puzzle RPG game Dragon Academy, which sees players completing match-three levels without running out of moves. Via this new expansion, called ‘Path of the Elders,’ gamers can meet the Elder Dragon, complete dozens of new levels, and more.

The Path of the Elders update includes 48 new levels and a new dragon named Bloo. The 48 levels are split into two sections of 24 levels each, The Salamander Sandcastle and the Rockin’ Sands. Meanwhile, the Path of the Elder Dragon storyline sees players taken through an Ancient Greece-inspired tale to meet the Elder Dragon, and they’ll encounter a new game board along the way.

These levels are in addition to the level packs which have been released every two to four weeks since the game’s launch last Fall. These have taken the game to over 300 levels. Levels are split into four game paths, so users constantly have new sets of levels to try if they ever get stuck on a particular stage in one path.

“Sure, it looks like a Match-3 game, but we’re actually the only Hatch-3 game around. Not to mention having the best $11 marketing video in video game history,” said Team Chaos Creative Director Trent Polack.

Dragon Academy is available to download for free on iOS, Google Play and the Amazon App Store. It’s also available to play for free on Facebook.

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