Team Chaos Launches Space Colors on iOS

space colors 650

Team Chaos has released its newest game on iOS devices: Space Colors. The game is described as an action adventure title with roguelike elements, as users begin from Level 1 each time they play, and have a new experience in every encounter. In Space Colors, users control a space ship and defeat enemy ships and other obstacles in a procedurally generated galaxy.

screen1136x1136In each level, players work to take over a single planet in the system. They begin at the first experience points level, with a fairly basic ship. They can travel in any direction in space, shooting at floating rocks or enemy space ships and turrets in order to earn experience points, better weapons and other (temporary) upgrades. Each encounter has an overall mission, but if the player’s ship is destroyed, they’re taken back to the map. The next time they enter that same “planet,” the missions and layout of obstacles will likely change.

That is, during one version of the level, players may be required to destroy 10 asteroids floating in space. If they fail and try again, they may have to destroy a large enemy ship instead.

Players collect credits from fallen items in the world, and can spend these credits on permanent upgrades for their ship, including improved health and weapon stats.

“One thing I wanted to maintain in Space Colors is a degree of accessibility and streamlining. I don’t think mobile games have to be accessible or streamlined, but I do think that design worked best for Space Colors,” said Team Chaos creative director Trent Polack.

“I wanted a core game that was fun, and I didn’t want to muck it up with inventory management, a combinatorial nightmare of upgrades, or complex mechanics because, at some point, you just start to run into the limitations of the touch interface. I wanted to keep the controls easy, simple, and powerful, and not require any crazy gestures or anything, and that desire motivated a lot of the simplicity of the game as a whole.”

Space Colors is available to download for $0.99 on iOS.