Teaching Tips from Alexey Brodovitch

Last month, we told you about the new and improved Interview, as editorial directors Fabien Baron and Glenn O’Brien marshal the Warhol-founded magazine toward a full-scale revamp. Now we point you to the May issue to highlight Vince Aletti‘s interview with photographer and filmmaker Jerry Schatzberg, whose photos of the 1962 Paris couture shows are the subject of a book published last week by Rizzoli. Aletti talks with Schatzberg about the book, how he got into fashion photography, and his work with famed Vogue art director Alexander Liberman, before ending the Q&A with a question about the other Alex. Did Schatzberg ever work with Alexey Brodovitch (pictured at right), former art director at Harper’s Bazaar?

No, but I took his course at the New School. He taught me something that I’ve always remembered: After we did the initial assignment, he contradicted what he said the first week, and I said, “Okay.” The next week, he contradicted what he said the second week. We went through 10 weeks of contradicting, and I thought maybe he was drunk. At the end, he said, “You may think I’ve contradicted myself, but there’s no one way to do anything.”

But we do pity the (perhaps still puzzled) students who missed that final class.

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