Teach the People Turns Facebook Into An Educational Resource

Want to learn how to use Photoshop? Maybe you’d like to learn how to build a successful blog. Whatever you are looking to learn, Teach the People is offering an educational platform for all to learn from. At its core, Teach the People makes a lot of sense; it’s a platform which provides a single channel for niche experts around the world to educate anybody looking to learn.

Facebook agreed that the idea was good and decided to reward the company with $25,000 in the most recent fbFund round. If and when Facebook decides to launch their payment platform, Teach the People will be well positioned as the platform enables experts to charge students for their services. Experts are also able to interact directly with their students via live web seminars, and upload any important resources.

Does this mean that the days of single page websites promoting the hottest e-book are gone for good? I doubt it, as sales is also an important component of getting students to pay for education. One interesting component of this application is that it literally turns Facebook into a resource for expert knowledge. I constantly debate the possibility of social media enhancing our ability to learn.

Teach the People is one of the first attempts at filling the void of leveraging social media for educational purposes and they have a great shot at succeeding. Just yesterday the company announced a partnership with the Learning Annex to provide content from celebrities like Donald Trump, Larry King, Clive Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Alan Greenspan, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Vice President Al Gore, P. Diddy, Magic Johnson, George Foreman, Suze Orman and Sylvia Browne.

The partnership will also bring interesting how to seminars such as how to play Texas Hold ‘Em, Start A T-Shirt Line, Succeeding in the Music Business, Whitewater Rafting, and Wine Tastings. Leveraging social media for educational purposes presents a huge opportunity and Teach the People is positioned to reap the benefits.

If you want to teach others about your expertise or want to learn from others, check out the Teach the People application.

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