#TCDisrupt: Find the Perfect App With Quixey

TechCrunch Disrupt kicked off today in NYC bringing in local talent and talent from afar. “Startup Alley” or rather a long line of mini-startup booths where eager founders show off their product. Lots of guys in the mobile planning space, lots of programs around optimizing personal information, but so far a tool that seems most appealing is Quixey.

Quixey does something interesting, it allows you to search for apps by what they do. Co-Founder Tomer Kagan summed it up as such “You would be surprised at how many apps are out there, even something simple like brushing your teeth has hundreds of apps. If you have a question or problem you are trying to solve, shouldn’t it be easy to find the right app to use.”

When you search for apps the summary in the results is extremely useful and there are already hundreds of thousands of apps that are searchable.

“People use to use Google to solve problems, being a ‘just google it’ generation. Now what we see is we’re becoming a tool generation, how do I find the right app to answer my question?” Kagan continued “we want to make it as easy as possible to find what you need and let apps grow to their potential.”

While there are common themes this week at Pier 94 for TechCrunch Disrupt, so far something simple like Quixey seems like a solid start for a potential winner.