TV Critics Get Set for Summer Press Tour

When it comes to the winter and summer press tours put on by the Television Critics Association (TCA) , hindsight is sometimes anything but a 20 share/20 share.

So before getting all caught up in the effusive blog posts, tweets, and articles that are about to emanate from the Summer 2011 edition at the Beverly Hilton Hotel (and LA party environs), consider these words of wisdom from inbound Vancouver Sun TV critic Alex Strachan:

Hardly anyone remembers the remake of The Fugitive, the one guaranteed hit of the 2000-01 season, starring Tim Daly and Stephen Lang. The Fugitive was a sure thing, the only sure thing in the entire 2000-01 season, one could argue, and it’s all but forgotten today.

And yet everyone with a working TV set can name the show that debuted immediately following The Fugitive, a guaranteed misfire called CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. CSI was literally the TV equivalent of a shot in the dark. No one expected it to succeed, not even the executive who gave it the green light, against his better judgment.

Opening day panels presentations Wednesday will be made by The Weather Channel, ESPN, Hallmark, the History Channel, Lifetime, GMC, Univision, and Playboy TV.