TBG Digital’s Ads API Tool Gains Multivariant Facebook Page Landing Tab Testing and Daily Deals

Ads API managed spend service provider TBG Digital has added two new features to its ONE Media Manager. SmartPages is a multivariant Facebook Page landing tab optimization tool which lets admins test different creative sets to find the best performing version. Daily Deals is a Page tab application through which admins can offer users timed promotions and discounts. The tools drive sales for TBG Digital by giving its clients more things to advertise for.

Multivariant Testing – Not Just for Ads

Ads API tools such as ONE Media Manager typically focus on allowing clients to create and run thousands of ad targeting and creative variants to hone in on the combinations that perform best. In some cases, the objective of the ads is to drive Likes to a Facebook brand’s Page or collect contact information. However, once users click through an ad and visit the Page, they’re often shown only a single variant of a landing tab asking them to Like the Page or submit their email address.

SmartPages brings multivariant testing to this second step, allowing admins to test different images, copy, and webforms to see which lead to the most Likes or signups. Admins can create templates, draw from a pre-uploaded library of images, test up to 15,000 variants at once, schedule variant rotation, and view analytics on conversion rates.

Admins must buy ads through ONE Media Manager in order to test these landing tab variants, generating revenue for TBG Digital. Translating the multivariant testing practices that are common for ads to landing tabs creates a valuable service for TBG Digital’s clients and lucrative new revenue stream. We wouldn’t be surprised to see other Ads API tools and Page management companies offer a similar system.

Integrating Daily Deals Into an Ad Tool

Businesses around the world are becoming interested in offering their customers pre-paid coupons. However, businesses must pay a significant cut of the revenues, up to 50%, if they run these deals through popular distributors such as Groupon or LivingSocial. Promotion application developers such as Wildfire offer flat fee-based Page apps for offering deals, but businesses must then coordinate these third-party promotion apps with their advertising tool to promote their deals.

TBG Digital’s Daily Deals app integrates directly with ONE Media Manager, making it easy to schedule offers and advertise for them without having to pay any additional fee or percentage of revenue outside of ad spend. TBG clients wishing to try offering deals, but who want total control and the ability to pull out if they don’t like the results, may find Daily Deals helpful.

Admins can configure the look of their deals tab through a special admin interface. When users click through a deal, they’re directed to the business’ website where they can complete the transaction. Some users may feel more comfortable entering payment details there than on Facebook, but the added friction of driving users away from Facebook could lead to significant drop-off during the transaction flow.

Most Ads API tool providers are focused squarely on their core business — offering the most streamlined work flow, quickest ad creation, most powerful bid optimization, and deepest analytics. TBG Digital needs to make sure it continues to improve on these areas, but expanding its service offering into Page management through SmartPages and Daily Deals could serve to draw new clients with special needs. However, TBG Digital will need to determine how work in concert with the Page management companies currently running the Facebook Pages of its clients.