TBD‘s Wemple: ‘Is This Guy one of Those D-cks?’

It’s quaint. Intriguing, even. “Sometime in the next two weeks, two men will meet in a local coffee shop,” the story reads. But it’s also rare in Washington when an editor agrees to help unite two mystery male commenters on a web site.

There were doubts. When Man #1 first approached TBD Editor Erik Wemple, he thought, Is this guy one of those dicks who was always slamming us in the comments section?

He forged on. The two men had met on the Washington City Paper web site. The “anonymenters” as Wemple dubbed them, became compulsive (i.e. really dedicated) about their commenting, which led to “online camaraderie.”

“I helped put them in touch with each other. It’s something I’ll never try again,” declared Wemple in a story published Tuesday relaying the ordeal. When questioned by FishbowlDC, he wrote by e-mail this morning, “It’s just too much stress, too much work! And the stakes are high too ’cause if I slip up and reveal their identities they either hate me or sue me or both. Next time I’m just going to say, hey, just reveal your identity on the comments section; my career as a go-between is over.”

What begins as a simple-sounding meeting gets hilariously hairy toward the end, with Wemple concluding, “I’m done with these guys.”

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