TBD’s Hess & Smurfette Dress to GOOD

Although she looks like the love child of  Opie Taylor and Smurfette Smurf in this photo, TBD’s Amanda Hess has become one of FishbowlDC’s favorite characters.  Her reporting on gender and sex has always made for fun fodder and we liked that time she angrily asked Betsy over Twitter: “Do you have boobs and what part do they play in your reporting?”  So you can imagine our dismay when we found out that our little smurfberry is leaving Mayberry for a gig at GOOD in California.

In response to the news, Betsy offered a special bon voyage present – the long-awaited answer to Hess’s Twitter Q:

“Yes, I have boobs but I don’t think they play a huge, mountainous role in my reporting –  though I will keep you abreast of any changes,” Betsy explained.  “Amanda, I wish you and your chest the best of luck in Orange County.  Let me know if you need help packing your fun bags for the long journey,”  she said.

Good luck, Amanda…give our best to Aunt Bee and watch out for Gargamel!  Ah, we have fun.  In all seriousness, congrats on the gig!