TBD’s Amanda Hess Moves West, To GOOD

Amanda Hess, sex and gender columnist for TBD in Washington DC, is moving to LA to serve as GOOD magazine’s lifestyle editor.

In an exit interview with TBD’s Erik Wemple, who was also her boss when she worked at the Washington City Paper, she explains why she’s going and what she’ll be doing at GOOD (neglecting, to her credit, to mention any whiff of “get me off this sinking ship.”).

“I’ll be writing and editing stuff for the website and the quarterly magazine. I’ll be doing four to five posts a day and bringing in others on a freelance basis. My coverage areas are sex, food, drink, death, products, travel, and health.” (Our note: DEATH??)

“Before I got the job, was really looking to get out; and once I got the job, I’ve noticed some things that I’ll really miss, like bike lanes…the air quality, the low fashion sense. It’s not very fashionable around here.

“Q: Why’s that good?

“Hess: Because I really don’t want to have to think about that.”

“I am happy to be working for Ann [Friedman] specifically, but beyond that, I’m interested in working for a woman…It’s important for me to be around women and to have women as mentors because journalism is still male-dominated and I don’t like that.”