TBD: We Did it. It Was Us!

TBD, in their asinine efforts to correct everything they ever did, didn’t do, or have yet to do, issued this correction last weekend. We’re sure there’s more to come this winter as forecasters do what they tend to do – which is that they get it wrong sometimes because it’s the weather.

CORRECTION: Winter weather advisory canceled altogether. SNOW IS LARGELY OVER

> Update: This is great stuff. TBD Editor Erik Wemple writes FishbowlDC with a correction on our item, because, you see, TBD is very big on corrections. Apparently there wasn’t an advisory in place after all. So their correction was doubly idiotic. He says we should find better corrections to ridicule. But perhaps it’s TBD that could have written a correction that better reflected what they were correcting. Thanks Erik for suggesting what we cover, but I think you’ve got your hands full over there across the river.

Wemple wrote: “Just wanted to let you know that the correction that you highlighted on your site—about our snow coverage—was not the situation that you portrayed. We were not, in fact, making a correction of a forecast; we were correcting a tweet that said an advisory was in effect. In fact, an advisory was not in effect at that point. Feel free to poke us for annoying self-righteous corrections, but please use better examples.”