TBD Takes on Gaga

gaga lady.jpg
Note: This is Lady Gaga, not Jackie Kucinich.

If you’re like Roll Call‘s Jackie Kucinich, you’ve just about wrapped up construction on your lucite, latex and feather ensemble for tonight’s Lady Gaga concert at the Verizon Center…

But Kucinich isn’t attending via press pass and according to TBD, neither are any web publications. TBD, who was denied access to tonight’s concert says that Gaga shut them out along with a slew of other Internet-based media. In a piece on TBD.com, the newly-launched news site argues the ban, saying:

“If this were a Paul McCartney show, the Web reporter ban might make sense, but Gaga? The web made Gaga. And while print reporters for a long time dismissed her as a flash in the pan, blogs fawned over her, and social networking sites helped her fanbase not only grow to astronomical numbers but form a tight-knit community of people all over the world, united in their love of Gaga.”

Find out which media made the cut here.