TBD Tackles the Vidalia Onion

First we were subjected to TBD‘s compelling story on asparagus and how it makes your urine stink. Today, we have their expose on the Vidalia onion. No, this onion doesn’t do anything funky with your smell, but it sure is hard to grow in the backyard.

Weirdly, the story makes no mention of Washington’s own Vidalia restaurant. Chef Jeffrey Buben probably would have liked a shout-out. They even have an “Onion Room.”

What we learned from the story:

1. How to pronounce it: An expert tells us there’s a long “i.” Don’t say “veh-DAY-lia” or you’ll sound ignorant.

2. Legalities: There are serious rules and regulations about the growing of Vidalia onions.

3. Don’t try to label non-Vidalia onions Vidalia or you could wind up fined or in prison.

4. How to care for the onion: Among other important details, make sure the neck isn’t rotting.

5. The Vidalia onion will not cause you heartburn or indigestion.