TBD Picks Up the Pink Lady

At 5:20 a.m. this morning, the powers that be over at TBD HQ decided it was time to publish pictures and an accompanying story on the ever important Pink Lady. As in, the apple, or as TBD  put it, “that adorably rosy fruit.”

So this what the Titanic has come to? Adorable fruit?

But it’s not just fruit. It’s vegetables, too. As of late, TBD, a bastion of local reporting though this piece is not the best example, has made it their thing to feature a string of vegetable stories. There’s the asparagus (which we learned makes your urine stink), the Vidalia onion and now the Pink Lady in pictures from “around the world.” We see how these bad girls are marketed in France, Denmark and the UK. The piece, though well written, keeps you wondering a lot of things. 1. Where’s Allbritton and does he know he’s funding stories about Pink Lady apples? 2. Does he eat Pink Ladies? 3. How are Pink Lady apples portrayed in Uzbekistan? (As long as we’re now invested, we want all the details.)

The story discusses how the Pink Lady is the best marketed apple in the world. We don’t doubt it, except why hasn’t Washington’s dynamo foodie, WaPo‘s Ezra Klein, so much as mentioned it?

Read the story here.