TBD Bogusly Picks On Luke Russert

TBD is lost in the wilderness these days. Their Founding Fathers are gone. And at least one journalist there has no idea what to do with himself, so Arts Editor Andrew “Dijon” Beaujon perks up and thinks, oh boy, time to get inventive with NBC Congressional Correspondent Luke Russert.

This is how Beaujon began his ArtsBook yesterday:

“BEFORE WE START: Thank you, Luke Russert, for having the courage to
stand up for Washington. Yes, absolutely, this area, which has the
highest median income in the United States, is on its last legs
because you are inconvenienced on your commute. TO THE TWEET!:  ‘Mayor
Gray, please convert 50 of your overpopulated meter maids into traffic
cops. #DC is dying bc of gridlock.'”

Let’s see, Beaujon. What D.C. resident doesn’t believe Washington has a traffic problem, and what D.C. resident wouldn’t like to get around the city more expediently? You take a tweet by Russert, who, yes, people have a strong reactions to, especially journalists, and you invent a meaning to his tweet based on little more than the cells rolling around in your brain. Sure, it’s easy to dislike Russert because he has had advantages other journalists around town may not have had and was raised by two journalist parents. He can hardly escape his birthright and no doubt wouldn’t want to. Russert never remarked on his personal commute. You may think he’s entitled. But that bizarre interpretation was all you.

This is called your imagination. Nothing more.

NBC did not return a request for comment.