Taylor Swift Is So Much More New York Than You

“I knew you were a New Yorker when you walked in…”

Whoops, wrong song.

Seriously, though: does Taylor Swift even live in New York?

Just kidding. We know she moved to Peter Jackson’s old TriBeCa digs back in March. And we shouldn’t be surprised that our hometown just named her its “global welcome ambassador for tourism.”

But why? As Swift told Robin Roberts on GMA this morning:

“I’m still learning but I’m so enthusiastic about this city that I feel like when I love something, I’m very vocal about it. I just go around going like, ‘Everybody, New York is amazing.’ So I think they just picked up on that and they gave me, like, a title.”

That must have been it. In this unfortunately un-embeddable promo spot, she says that the city “helped inspire an album that is by far the one I’m most proud of.”

What a crazy coincidence that one of the world’s biggest pop stars moved to New York to remind everyone that she was never really country just a few months before being named the city’s spokesperson (an appointment that coincided with the album’s release).

Aww, why so cynical? It’s not like Taylor’s fans needed her to remind them that New York is a great place to live as a college student or recent grad…if you want to spend the next thirty years paying off your student loans.

As the singer herself writes in the song that inspired it all, “[This sponsored content campaign has] been waiting for you.”

Just don’t expect her to lead your next bus tour.