Taylor Swift Is So Mad at Yahoo Right Now


(Screenshot via BuzzFeed)

You ever have the experience where, due to a crossing of lines or mis-communication on some front, you release something before the rest of the world is supposed to see it?

This problem is so common that we posted about it a couple of weeks ago on our sister site AgencySpy. Today, however, the stakes are a bit higher: the guilty party is Yahoo, and the victim is Taylor Swift.

Here’s the director of her video for “Blank Space,” which was apparently not supposed to make its Internet debut early this morning:

This probably won’t end well.

“A source in Swift’s camp” told BuzzFeed today that the video was supposed to debut on Tuesday, which is usually how these things go. It would seem that, in an effort to call “FIRST!” on a video that will certainly get tens of millions of views, someone at Yahoo jumped the gun and got burned.

We would LOVE to know more about how this mistake went down. Vox speculates: “releasing a music video through Yahoo would be a huge dig at Vevo, the site that hosts most of the major music videos. It would also make Swift ineligible for breaking view records with this video.” Certainly seems like Yahoo either violated the embargo or got the video from an unauthorized source.

A post from last week by PR veteran/brand advisor Jared Hendler characterized Swift’s Spotify diss as a statement of principle against the streaming industry:

“Maybe Taylor Swift did do this for the money, but I don’t think so.

Taylor decided to take a stand for the future of her business and everyone elses. If this catches on with others, big changes are coming sooner than we think.”

This story, on the other hand, seems like a simple case of mixed messages. But is it? Now we’re left with a bunch of screenshots from the video itself — screenshots like the one atop this post and the one below, which appears to depict Taylor taking her anger out on someone’s unlucky car:


We may be the only people on the face of the Earth who have managed to successfully avoid “Shake It Off,” but after seeing these stills we will definitely be watching “Blank Space.”

Every one of Taylor Swift’s moves feels designed to win her maximum publicity and influence…even the ones that weren’t supposed to happen.

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