Taylor Swift Breaks Up with Her Publicist


Paging Page Six: pop ingenue and serial dater Taylor Swift ended her longest relationship today by parting ways with her publicist of nearly seven years.

According to a Billboard exclusive, the resignation of Erickson Public Relations founder Paula Erickson—who has served as Swift’s publicist since 2007—led to a decision to bring PR operations in-house via management company 13 Management.

Erickson, who knew Swift better than Jake Gyllenhaal ever could, signed with the star right as she began her extended reign atop the charts with her eponymous first album. During their relationship, her many wins included hosting Saturday Night Live, performing at every awards show in history and responding badly to a mild Tina Fey joke.

In-house PR does feel right for Swift because of exclusivity, et cetera, and whoever she picks will face the mammoth task of promoting her next album, due sometime in 2014. A “high-ranking PR executive” who for some reason chose to remain unnamed told Billboard:

“Taylor will have her pick of top-shelf publicists, but the challenge is finding that person you know and trust. Bringing PR in-house assures that person is directly involved in advising on what needs to be done and what doesn’t.”

For the record: we wish Taylor the best (like she needs it), but we still refuse to call her country. #StandWithBradAndCarrie

You expected us to make a lame “We Are Never Getting Back Together” joke, didn’t you? Sorry to disappoint, but it’s been a long week.

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