Taxi Cab Wisdom: Networking Anywhere & Everywhere (Back Seats Included)

A piece in today’s New York Post got us thinking. A taxi cab driver wrote into the career advice column saying he wants to get an office job.

It reminded us of old school networking basics. Striking up a conversation with folks anywhere and everywhere and having your elevator pitch ready at all times.

In the piece, Gregory Giangrande, HR executive in the media industry, writes:

“First of all, you never know who in the back seat can help you. If you’re serious about a transition to an office job, perhaps dress the part when you drive, and keep a bundle of well-groomed résumés to boot. Create an affable, warm greeting and elevator pitch for your passengers.”

So, we’re not assuming all of our faithful readers are cabbies but we do know this: Whenever you’re looking to leap into another career path, keep in mind everyone you come across can lead you to your next opportunity. It may not be at a mixer; it can be on the bus en route to work, in your local Starbucks or at the next yoga mat at the gym.

In this particular instance, Giangrande says to acknowledge it’s an unconventional approach to find a job “but indicative of your entrepreneurial, innovative and self-motivated work ethic.” This rings true even if you weren’t driving around passengers; simply ask new contacts if you can provide a copy of your résumé.

He adds, “I’m confident this approach, if done properly, will be every bit as effective for your particular situation as a conventional job search.”