Taxes Go Social

Some things just go with social media, a person can look at them and say, “wow! why didn’t I think of that.” There are somethings that make you scratch your head. H&R Block has entered the world of social media full force. They have hit the social media world with all the favorites:

I have never been one who hated paying taxes, but I know that there is a HUGE undercurrent of American culture that doesn’t trust the IRS or Tax Agents. I also know it is a charge of the Federal government to stream line the tax process and make more Americans use online tax services.

I think going social is a bold and wise move for H&R Block to make a jump into uncharted waters. One, it targets a demographic that has the most questions about taxes. Two, it creates a sense of trust and friendliness that a business like taxes lacks. I honestly believe the Federal government should set up a similar program to try and educate people about taxes.

I am interested to hear if any of you out there would consider using H&R Block now they have gone social? Have any of you found H&R Block online already using social media? Do you trust them more or less? Do you feel this program creates an air of friendship with your tax man? Let me know.