Tawkify Uses Klout Score To Find You A Date

You knew it was inevitable, right? You expected that someone would find a way to use your “online influence” as dating criteria, didn’t you? No? Neither did we. But it’s here now and this is probably just the beginning of this phenomenon, so get busy tweeting (to increase your Klout score) if you hope to land a like-minded mate!

Enter Tawkify. Terrible name, interesting concept.

Tawkify tells us that “any [Klout] score over 19 indicates that other people find you attractive, sophisticated, and beguiling enough to be influenced by you.” As the average Klout score is about 20, this means everyone participating online is attractive, sophisticated and/or beguiling? We beg to differ.

Folks possessing a high Klout Score do receive bargain rates though, and there’s more: “If your Score is 40 and over we will give you a free match. If it’s 50 and over, we will give you three free matches. If it’s 60 and over, you will receive the red-carpet treatment. Why? Your online attractions are so enticing that we believe you will drive other appealing people to come to Tawkify.” They get all the breaks, don’t they?

Here’s what you need to do to “Tawkify” your way into a date:

1) Answer 10 questions.
2) E. Jean and Kenneth will personally hand-pick your match.
3) Your phone will ring Monday night with your match.

But there is a LOT more detail than that on the Tawkify site – we’ll sum up: Your phone rings at a precise time on Monday night (typically 10pm ET) and if you miss the call, you need to wait until the following Monday night for a new call. Once you start chatting, you need to watch the clock because you have exactly ten minutes and then the line goes dead! Ooo! And after the call, you log in to Tawkify and either click “talk again” or “find a new match” and then be by the phone the following Monday night for your NEXT call.

The part that’s kind of cool (and freaky) about Tawkify (beyond the whole “Klout” thing) is this:



Kind of reminiscent of the telephone dating in the 80s, only this time around you can be fairly certain your match is who they say they are. Hopefully.

Before you die laughing and say “no way, not me,” you should know that the folks behind Tawkify are the real deal when it comes to dating – well, one of them is at least. E. Jean writes “the longest, currently-running advice column in American publishing” and has six million readers. She seems to know her stuff.

And she also gives out dating-specific advice in another column and has another dating site offering another unique angle where folks go to sign up single friends – GREAT friends (or siblings . . . or ex’s) who are still single. Why? “Because friends don’t let friends stay single.”

Being “single” is obviously the new stigma formerly reserved for the childless. Sigh.

Sign up here using your Twitter handle (you know you want to) and let us know how it goes.

(Man on phone image from Shutterstock)

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