Target’s ‘Live Tweet-to-Runway Show’ Was…Strange

Last week we posted on Target‘s sleek new TV ad campaign, which seems to aim for that crucial “real housewives” demographic by turning laundry, light bulbs and bake sales into, like, the sexiest things ever.

At the time we wondered whether the ads were hip or misogynistic, but we have another question about today’s “live tweet-to-runway” event: what the hell just happened?

Here’s the deal: Target encouraged fans to log on to the “Everyday Show” page via Twitter and post messages concerning some product sold in the “Everyday” line. Target describes Everyday as “the most intensely sensible grocery and essentials collection of the season”, which could apply to pretty much anything. Someone in the marketing/PR department chose the “best” tweets, which were then read aloud by models as they paraded down the runway carrying the products in question with the requisite techno beats in the background.

Hey, it’s all about audience engagement, right?

Oh also: the lucky souls who had their tweets featured will receive $20 Target gift cards and “legendary tweet status”, which may be a bit of an overstatement. Here’s a sample clip:

We’re not quite clear where Target is going with this. The company claims that the purpose of the campaign is to take “a category typically advertised by price points and [bring] it to a level that makes everyday routines appear glamorous” by following an approach that is “different for the way anyone has talked about grocery.”

In summary: Target is snarky. Walmart is not.

Got it?