Target takes aim at Ziggy Marley

More and more, we’re impressed by those acts who flip their labels the bird and go solo. Amy Mann. Alanis Morrissette. And now, Ziggy Marley.

Today, Billboard carries thew word that the Son of Bob has ignited a big fattie in aisle 10: A deal, in perpetuity, with Target.


“This is the best time, in terms of owning your own masters,” Marley recently told about his free-agent status. “This was a dream of my father (the late Bob Marley). I’m actually fulfilling what he wanted. Right now, I feel like I’m doing for him what he wanted to do. After ‘Uprising,’ his last album for Island Records (in 1980), he was going to do his own thing.”

Your damn skippy, Ziggy: Alanis, for example, made out like a bandit from an exclusive-for-six-weeks sales arrangement with Starbucks last year.

The downside to such deals? Big chains aren’t going to back you if you do something edgy. Anyone remember Bruce Springsteen’s album debacle? But we’re guessing that’s not something Ziggy’s too worried about these days, mon.

And if Target starts offering a Michael Graves Ganja Dryer? We’ll know this deal has really begun to make sense.