Viral Radar: Tara Reid Plays All The Parts In The Big Lebowski 2

Sometimes there's a man. And sometimes there's Tara Reid.

Hey, remember earlier this year when Tara Reid incorrectly stated that Big Lebowski 2 was about to begin production and everybody mocked her? Well now the tables are turned my friends because she, with the help of Funny or Die, has decided to mock herself, acting in a trailer for – you guessed it – the much-anticipated Big Lebowski 2. And here’s the kicker – Tara’s playing all the parts. Sometimes there’s a man. And sometimes there’s Tara Reid.

That’s right – the parody trailer for The Big Lebowski 2 stars Tara Reid not only in her original role of Bunny (although Bunny doesn’t appear in the trailer), but also as Walter, Donny, Brandt, Jeffrey Lebowski (the “Big” Lebowski), Jesus Quintana, and of course, as The Dude himself.
The plot of The Big Lebowski 2 is basically identical to the first movie except that The Dude’s sofa gets peed on instead of his rug, Walter converted to Buddhism, and Jesus’ name is changed to Mohammed.
The video has over 205,000 views since it was uploaded yesterday to Funny or Die. Check it out below and let us know what you think. I thought Tara Reid really tied that preview together. How ’bout you?