NYT Article Has New Orleans Exclaiming ‘What the Kale!?’

The words that launched the hashtag #NOLAKale and triggered angry local reaction pieces can be found in the seventh paragraph of Lizzy Goodman’s New York Times travel piece:

“New Orleans is not cosmopolitan,” said the actress Tara Elders. “There’s no kale here.” Her husband, Michiel Huisman, the actor and musician who moved here with Ms. Elders in 2009 to shoot the HBO series Treme (he’s currently on the series Nashville), agreed. “The sign on a shop says that they’ll open at 10? You’re there at noon and it’s not open,” he said.


Goodman probably came close to not using the Elders remark. It’s the kind of throwaway comment that is often left behind in a reporter’s notes. Elders is most definitely wishing that had been the case. Instead, her “not cosmopolitan” slag has been chewed on by the Times-Picayune‘s Jarvis DeBerry, The Gambit blogger Alejandro de Los Rios and many more.

Even though it’s not the NYT that smudged the produce facts but rather a third party, interviewed, DeBerry is still calling for a correction:

I called the produce manager at the Rouses on Carrollton Avenue. He said that the store has kale in the bag, kale by the bunch and even organically grown kale.

That’s right, New York Times. You just ran a correction about misspelling Solomon Northup‘s name in an 1853 story. How about a correction on a story published March 6 that says one can indeed buy kale in the city?

Meanwhile, in a bizarre twist noted in update form by de Los Rios, Twitter quickly suspended – for no apparent reason – the Twitter account @NOLAKale.