Taptu Social News Feed Reader Tuned for Android Phones & Tablets

Taptu is a free social news feed reader product. I reviewed Taptu for the iPad and found it interesting despite a problem I had getting it to connect to my Twitter feed.

Taptu for iPad: Social News Feed Reader – Needs Noise Reduction

Taptu updated their Android app this week to tune it for tablet use. I don’t have an Android tablet (yet). So, I took a look at the 1.4 update on a Nexus One.

Taptu Launches on Android Tablets with Three New Android-Specific Features

The three new features unique to the Android app version are:

1. Themes: Change the color theme from dark text on a white background to white text on a background for better reading day or night.
2. Full screen reading
3. Instapaper support

There is actually a fourth feature unique to the Android app: Access to multiple Twitter accounts.

How does the the iPad version of the app compare to the Android version on a smartphone?

– Surprisingly, I found it easier to read on the Nexus One than the iPad. Perhaps their font choice simply works better on a smaller display
– The Facebook feed is still too noisy. Taptu needs to filter out everything that does not have a web URL (link)
– Syncing to my Twitter account worked fine in the Android app. I stil can’t sync to Twitter from the iPad app

Taptu’s Android app is 1.57MB large and cannot be moved to a SD flash storage card.